DiscoverING Tári Anárion


About the Author

Born in Valencia (Spain) in 1991, the author of “Tári Anárion: The Loyalty Trials” and “Tári Anárion: The Voice of Silence” grew up in the remote village of La Llacuna with the most picturesque and fluffy companions. And the adventures she lived in such a natural environment and her passion for writing made her embark from an early age on the narratives of Noiran, the world where she develops her debut novel.

She is passionate about fantasy literature, cinema, music, video games, board games and Asian cultures, from which derives much of the creativity and imagination that she expresses in the letters of her novels and in the layout of her illustrations. But she especially loves to study the complexity of our own reality so that her writings are always as truthful as possible.

She is currently working on another great story that will take place in the worlds originated by the “Tári Anárion” saga, but without being a direct sequel to the bilogy, as her mind does not rest to create many more fables and characters with which to fill the days of her readers.