“Tári Anárion: The Voice of Silence” is currently only available in Spanish.

Translation is in the works for the first book, “Tári Anárion: The Loyalty Trials”,

but there is not an estimated date of release.

M. J. Escrihuela

Tári Anárion… at a glance!

Reading order: Book number 2
Number of pages: 822
Publication date: 1st Edition: 23 April 2021
Formats: Ebook
Standard edition
Special edition (+info)

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The Story of Tári Anárion

Tári Anárion, the last Erzan Dreca born in the Land of the Elves, has been summoned to fight the drow army and the fearsome Apocalyptics. But they have managed to bring into their ranks a fearsome invocation that has tipped the balance in their favor, and now the elves will be forced to enlarge their ranks with the support of the neighboring lands and the most diverse characters and creatures.
In the new adventures to live, and the long days of training and learning, Tári will sail the seas and cross the deserts, taking with her more than memories and priceless friendships. And she will not only have to face the unknown, but her worst fears, for she will require more than strength and power to rise up against her enemy in the great battle.
But this time she does not fight alone, and she is willing to risk everything for those who have become her new family.

What will be the outcome of such a bloody fight? And most important of all … Will they be willing to pay the price of victory?

The World of Tári Anárion

In “The Voice of Silence” the world of Tári Anárion will be expanded by her imminent need to find allies who support her cause. Therefore, they will require visiting extraordinary lands such as the deserts of Temond or the busy cities of A’Demal.

Tári Anárion - La Voz del Silencio - Mapa de las regiones