“Tári Anárion: The Loyalty Trials” is currently only available in Spanish.

Translation is in the works but there is not an estimated date of release.

M. J. Escrihuela

Tári Anárion… at a glance!

Reading order: Book number 1
Number of pages: 586
Publication date: 1st Edition: 22 December 2017
2nd Edition: 23 April 2021
Formats: Ebook
Standard edition
Special edition (+info)

Please note that the free sample is currently only available in Spanish. We are working on the English version of it and we will make it available as soon as possible.

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The Story of Tári Anárion

It all started with the birth of the last Erzan Dreca. The drow, coveting such power, sent the Apocalyptics in pursuit, and thus began the war that would plunge the elves into long years of recovery.
In this battle, the newborn was sent to a remote village of Noiran, where she grew up as a normal girl, until on the deathbed of her new family the existence of a letter was revealed urging her to go to her native land. To do this, however, she would have to prove her loyalty by conducting a series of trials.
On her way, Tári will meet an affable hooded man who does not show even a single inch of skin, who will help her enter the world of magic, and with a bloodthirsty necromancer who will pursue her to the ends of the world. They, along with many other colorful characters and creatures, will make her new life seem like something out of the most unimaginable fables.

Will she pass the trials that have been imposed on her? And most important of all… Will she be able to face her new destiny?

The World of Tári Anárion

In her adventures to complete “The Loyalty Trials”, Tári will travel through the region of Noiran, visiting all kinds of places and discovering a world that until then had been limited to the remote village of Jade, in the northwestern lands of the region.

Mapa de Noiran - Tári Anárion Las Pruebas de la Lealtad